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Rare Hereditary Cancers: Diagnosis and Management

This book approaches the differential diagnosis and management of rare, hereditary cancer syndromes from a practical angle, addressing the issues pertinent to each tumour type as encountered by health professionals in their day-to-day practice. This book enables readers to correctly identify patients with rare cancer syndromes who would benefit from genetic counselling and testing, and provides the necessary knowledge for appropriate patient management and advising at-risk family members. It begins by describing recent advances in genetic testing for cancer-predisposing genes. Leading experts from Europe and Australia then offer detailed, up-to-date guidance on the diagnosis and management of a wide range of hereditary cancers. The concluding chapter examines the wider issues that are raised by genetic testing for rare cancer syndromes for patients, families and health professionals. This book is an invaluable source of information for all specialists involved in the care of such patients and their families.
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