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Partial Breast Reconstruction

FOUR STARS from Doody’s Star Ratings™

…both an excellent primer for the uninitiated and a superb resource for providers…Superb photographs, color illustrations, key concepts, and didactic charts adorn the chapters. The videos, on an accompanying website, take readers into the operative theatre to view various partial breast reconstructive surgeries. The authors and contributors are to be commended.–Doody’s Reviews (Score: 94)

This second edition of Partial Breast Reconstruction: Techniques in Oncoplastic Surgery builds on and expands the authoritative procedures presented in the first edition, adding and updating the content with up-to-the-minute concepts, techniques, and innovations in oncoplastic breast surgery, all elucidated with hundreds of color images and illustrations.

This edition offers readers the following:

A breadth of topics presented by internationally recognized experts from a range of disciplines from the U.S., Europe, United Kingdom, and South America

A systematic chapter structure that provides patient presentation, workup, surgical techniques, and follow-up for each approach

Emphasis on the essential contributions of all members of the multidisciplinary team

Extensive coverage of oncologic principles, indications, psychological considerations/body image, the challenges of radiotherapy, and postoperative surveillance

Prevention and correction of BCT deformities

Exploration of the risks and benefits of delayed versus immediate reconstruction

Reduction and mastopexy techniques with parenchyma autoaugmentation, central defect reconstruction, fat grafting, and local and perforator flap reconstruction techniques

Outcomes presented as the ultimate proof of the validity of each technique, with long-term follow-up

Treatment of complications

Provided in both printed and e-book formats, with multiple videos of techniques

As the oncoplastic approach to partial breast reconstruction continues to grow exponentially in popularity as a reliable treatment option, the updated information provided in this comprehensive new edition is absolutely essential to every surgeon performing partial breast reconstruction for women with breast cancer.

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