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Ocular and Visual Physiology: Clinical Application

This book meets the growing demand among ophthalmologists, optometrists and orthoptists, in training and in practice, as well as visual neuroscientists, to have a clear, succinct and well-written textbook to objectively cover the subject of ocular and visual physiology.

Ocular and visual physiology is a core knowledge component for these disciplines, and yet is often difficult to understand. However, this book clearly conveys the simple elegance of the relationship between structure and function that is the hallmark of understanding the physiology of the eye and visual system. Ocular and Visual Physiology – Clinical Application is essential reading for any one hoping to have a clear understanding of the subject. Students will find it a great resource to pass their exams.

Each of the chapters has been independently reviewed and edited by an expert in the field with a clinical or visual scientific academic background. The text is based on the latest publications in peer-reviewed journals that are closely referenced within the body of the text.
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