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Cognitive Neuroscience, 4th Edition

Updated fully, this accessible and comprehensive text highlights the most important theoretical, conceptual and methodological issues in cognitive neuroscience. Written by two experienced teachers, the consistent narrative ensures that students link concepts across chapters, and the careful selection of topics enables them to grasp the big picture without getting distracted by details. Clinical applications such as developmental disorders, brain injuries and dementias are highlighted. In addition, analogies and examples within the text, opening case studies, and ‘In Focus’ boxes engage students and demonstrate the relevance of the material to real-world concerns. Students are encouraged to develop the critical thinking skills that will enable them to evaluate future developments in this fast-moving field. A new chapter on Neuroscience and Society considers how cognitive neuroscience issues relate to the law, education, and ethics, highlighting the clinical and real-world relevance. An expanded online package includes a test bank.

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