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Statistical Methods in Epidemiologic Research

With the many advances in the control of infectious disease over the last 100 years, the role of epidemiology in public health has transformed significantly. Epidemiologic research now includes the study of acute and chronic diseases, as well as the events, behaviors, and conditions associated with health. From seasoned author ...

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The Medico-Legal Back: An Illustrated Guide

Back pain and back injury is an extremely common problem, producing chronic, debilitating symptoms for sufferers, and resulting in millions of pounds of lost revenue in absence from work and paid in compensation for spinal injuries. The Medico-Legal Back is the first book to address all aspects of the problem ...

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Perineal and Anal Sphincter Trauma: Diagnosis and Clinical Management

This book clarifies and explains perineal anatomy and the pathophysiology of anal incontinence as well as applied pharmacology. It also institutes the new recommended classification of perineal tears, and describes anal sphincter repair techniques. The emphasis is on correct post-operative management, management of pregnancy following previous anal sphincter injury, and ...

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Hypertension and Organ Damage: A Case-Based Guide to Management

Presents cases involving the essential forms of hypertension frequently encountered in clinical practice, rather than rare presentations Helps in transferring general recommendations from guidelines to daily clinical practice Aids patient-specific selection of diagnostic approach and treatment This book is designed to assist physicians in choosing among diagnostic procedures and therapeutic ...

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Alcohol and Aging: Clinical and Public Health Perspectives

This book provides a current perspective on alcohol and aging to better understand the trends, costs, benefits, and clinical and community evidenced-based strategies. This book embraces not only the physical, cognitive, psychological, and social health benefits of moderate drinking in the elderly, it also delves into the risks of excessive ...

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