Restitutional Surgery of the Ear and the Temporal Bone

Restitutional Surgery of the Ear and the Temporal Bone


5b3c271101189.jpg Author Gerhard Rettinger, Malte Erik Wigand, and Roland Laszig
Isbn 9783131270214
File size 25MB
Year 2000
Pages 368
Language English
File format PDF
Category Medicine

Book Description:

The concept of restitutional surgery aims at surgery that restores natural

function. This book introduces the author’s own experience in the application of

surgical strategies for treating otologic diseases that follow this priority.

Main Topics:

Concepts of restitutional ear surgery; Instrumentation; Anesthesia

and monitoring; Otosurgical anatomy: A manual for the temporal bone dissection

training; Injuries of the ear and the temporal bone; Malformations of the ear;

Otosclerosis; External otitis; Acute otitis media and mastoiditis; Chronic

otitis media and its complications; Petrositis and osteomyelitis of the temporal

bone; Tumors of the external ear; Tumors of the middle ear and the temporal

bone; Otologic nerve surgery; Cochlear and brainstem implants</p

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