Protein Formulation and Delivery, Second Edition

Protein Formulation and Delivery, Second Edition


5b3811cd87ce3.jpg Author Eugene J. McNally, Eugene McNally, and Jayne E. Hastedt
Isbn 9780849379499
File size 11.4MB
Year 2007
Pages 376
Language English
File format PDF
Category Medicine

Book Description:

This title is intended to assist pharmaceutical scientists in the development of stable protein formulations during the early stages of the product development process, providing a comprehensive review of mechanisms and causes of protein instability in formulation development, coverage of accelerated stability testing methods and relevant analytical methods, and an overview of the drug substance manufacturing process. Preformulation and the development of traditional solutions and lyophilized formulations frequently used for intravenous delivery and non-traditional formulations are also addressed. Because many developments in the field have emerged since the publication of the First Edition, this Second Edition addresses important new patient-friendly developments in the field, such as formulation for implantable devices, needle-free formulation and delivery approaches, and oral delivery of proteins.

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