Color Doppler Sonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Color Doppler Sonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics


5b3c2712b24df.jpg Author Asim Kurjak and Werner Schmidt
Isbn 9783131301314
File size 55.4MB
Year 2005
Pages 410
Language English
File format PDF
Category Medicine

Book Description:

This beautifully illustrated and formatted book covers all of the

established and developing indications for the use of color Doppler ultrasound

in gynecology and obstetrics.

In gynecology the modality is used to measure

blood flow in benign changes of the endometrium as well as malignant tumors of

the uterus; screening for ovarian carcinoma, including 3D-power doppler for the

assessment of angiogenesis of ovarian tumors; and as an adjunct examination in

assessing tumors of the breast.

In obstetrics, the imaging method is useful in

screening for gestosis and placental insufficiency in early pregnancy;

evaluating the umbilical cord; fetal echocardiography and much more.

More recent

developments show the modality to be helpful in infertility diagnosis and

reproductive medicine, providing information on the patency of the fallopian

tubes, the quality of the vascularization of the uterus and more.

With almost

600 illustrations and 90 useful tables, as well as a text that is highly

structured for efficient reading, this text provides practitioners with

technical and methodological basics as well as advanced tips for experienced


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